MIL-DTL-53072 CARC Military Finishing

This military finishing process offers coatings that are used extensively on most military vehicles and equipment. The coating produces a non-porous finish that prevents radioactivity, chemical and biological contaminants from penetrating the paint and the base material. Rather than penetrating the coating, the contaminants bead up on the exterior of the surface and are easily washed off.


CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) is a process that follows a pretreatment > primer > topcoat system. The military specifications for CARC finishing are:

  • MIL-DTL-64159 – Water-dispersible aliphatic polyurethane chemical agent resistant
  • MIL-C-53039 – Aliphatic polyurethane single-component chemical agent resistant

Commonly used military finishing colors are:

  • 383, 34094 Green
  • 37030 Black
  • 686A, 334466 Tan

The CARC finish also resists chemical attack from aggressive cleaning detergents used for decontamination of the equipment. In addition to resisting further chemical attacks, the equipment can be used repeatedly, eliminating the concern of future contaminants.

Commercial Coatings

Equipment Coatings
Powder Coating of Parts
ProLine Finishing provides commercial paint finishes to customer specifications used in the automotive, commercial, industrial, aerospace, marine and medical industries. We can also develop custom finishing processes and work instructions.

Completion Services

ProLine Finishing offers a variety of completion services including:

• Assembly
• Hardware Installation
• Stenciling
• Gasket Installation
• Crating
• Kit Packaging

 Electro Coat (E-Coat)

E-Coating is an immersion painting process by which charged paint particles are attracted to an oppositely charged metallic surface. The metal is cleaned, and the surface is prepared by applying zinc phosphate. The metal goes through an electrocoat bath consisting of deionized water and paint solids, followed by a cure oven.

ecoated part
e-coated part

 Large Equipment

Our facilities are configured to support large equipment and assemblies. This includes preparation processes such as steel shot media blasting prior to priming and painting.


• ProLine can move vehicles and equipment up to 20,000 lbs.
• Media Blasting Booth: 10ft x 14ft x 30ft
• Downdraft Paint Booth: 14ft x 16ft x 32ft
• Powder Coating Batch Booth: 8ft x 8ft x 26ft



equipment painting
large equipment coating & painting

Media Blasting

media blasting

Steel Shot & Grit
Used on a variety of surfaces to effectively remove contaminants, and texture the metal surface for proper adherence of paint. Ideal for heavy gage steel and thick weldments.

Aluminum Oxide
For abrasive pressure blasting of sheet metal or thin wall fabrications. Ideal for cleaning and deeply etching metal surface in the preparation for painting or powder coating.

Glass Bead
Non-aggressive blasting media for applications that require a softer finishing preparation such as aluminum.


Most common material to passivate is 300 series or 17-4 series-type stainless steel. This process is used to clean impurities and other oxides from the material surface to help sterilize, sanitize, or clean the exposed surface.

The following are the most common spec type processes that are used for this process, depending on customer, application, or industry.

  • ASTM-380
  • ASTM-967
  • Mil STD 808
  • QQ-P-35
  • SAE-AMS-2700
    passivized metal

    Powder Coating

    powder coated part
    powdered coated part (yellow)

    ProLine operates 3 powder coat lines:

    900 ft Nordson – Large Automated Production Line
    500 ft Wagner – Small Manual High Mix Line
    8ft x 8ft x 26ft Batch Booth

    Our powder coat lines use five-stage, automatic wash system design for finishing steel and aluminum parts. The process begins with the wash line tanks being supplied with reverse osmosis water. An alkaline cleaner removes mill oil, grease and dirt. A pretreatment and sealer is applied before the dry off oven. The powder material is electrostatically applied and then cured in a gas fired convection oven.

    Let’s Work Together!

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